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When Should I Start to Collect

Art of Collecting

Over the course of the week, we happen to met a couple that is fascinated with the beauty of collectible coins. Unknowingly to us, the couple is new to coin collecting and do not know when they should start to collect. In this article, we will discuss how people took the first step into coin collecting and the common questions they ask before embarking on this adventure.

I still remember the first coin I bought was 1 oz of Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coin back in 2008. It was bought purely as a form of savings and wealth preservation as I began to dwell on the value of bullion against fiat currency. Soon after, I began to fell in love with the art of these coins and realise that there are plenty of coins made specifically for collectors. Collectible coins focus on design. They usually have art targeted towards huge fan base like Disney, their surface are characterised by shiny like appearance (proof), special inserts and are made in different shapes and forms. 

I was quite hesitant at first as I could be paying 5 times more for the same weightage of precious metal. However, I wanted to own something unique from the mass. I appreciate the beauty of collectible coins and owning these coins made me proud and happy. Moreover, there is also no need to buy in multiple unlike investment bullion and a single piece would help me keep a collection. That is how I kick start my coin collecting journey.

As we start this business, we have the honor of helping many people start their coin collection. Some simply buy as they happen to like the art, some are fans of the franchise like Star Wars and some wanted to add a whole series to their display cabinet to show their friends and family. There are no two collectors that are alike and many started as coin collecting is fun and affordable.

The right time to collect is different for everyone. You will never know when you will stumble upon a coin that will captivate your heart just like your first love :). However, if you start to think about them and repeatedly have a second, third look, it is probably a good time to start. Collectible coins are highly sought after and have a limited mintage. Some are already off the shelves before they are made available. Below, you will find a link to the latest coin added to our collection. Approach us now before we are taken.

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