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Art of Collecting

When purchasing coins, collectors often look for interesting theme, rarity of the coin and other factors. Today, we run through the mind of collectors and explain how each factor contribute to the purchasing decision.


Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. This is especially true among coin collectors. The art depicted on the coin is the first thing a person notice. Popular themes such as super heroes and disney characters are always very popular with modern collectors. Other themes such as religion, history and even ancient gods attracts a niche group of people of all ages. The coin market has so much variety that we believe we can find a suitable coin sculpted to the interest of any collector.


The mintage of the coin refers to the quantity available worldwide. Coins that have low mintage could be considered rarer and fetches a higher collection value. The mintage of the coin matters more to collectors that are looking to make an investment out of their collection. They will weigh if the price they pay for is higher than the potential value. On the other hand, collectors that collect as a hobby might prefer a lower mintage to be proud to own a rare coin.


Collectible coins could be made of different metals such as gold, silver, cooper and much more. Most of the collectible coins are made of silver due to the popularity and it being a cheaper metal as compared to gold. It is common for collectible coin to be produced with more than 1 variant bearing the same design. The gold variant usually comes with a lower mintage and are targeted towards collectors who have a higher budget and feel more sentimental towards the design of the coin.


Coins come in different sizes and shape and not all coins are made equal. We have written an article explaining the different coin technology that could be read here. Collectors might look for coins with certain features such as ultra high relief that elevate certain details of the coin. With the advancement in technology, we expect more unique features crafted to suit the needs of modern collectors.


Collectible coins are usually packed in a case that comes with an outer box that matches the theme of the coin. However, some coins and foils comes with unique packaging like the pics below.

Shaping the packaging of the Suez Canal coin to have a compass and making the packaging with wood resonates more with collectors. A Star Wars theme album that could contain the foil might also be just what collectors are looking for. Sometimes, a decision on which mint to purchase from for similar theme coins might just be based on the packaging.

The coin collecting market continues to evolve with new trends and taste of collectors worldwide. With the Millennials becoming the largest consumer, we expect more modern theme and trendy coin design for the years to come.

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