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Art of Collecting

Coins come in different shape and sizes. You will also realise that aside from the coin image, some coins appears shiny while others look matte and takes on different appearances. Today, we will explore different type of minting technologies that shaped coins.


Who says that all coins are round. While that is the common form of a coin, technology advancement has made it possible for coin to be minted in different shapes. Look at the maple leaf shaped coin that carries the logo of the Royal Canadian Mint, the great white shark coin that represents part of a map in Australia and the bottle cap coin (not the one you throw away from your beer bottle 🙂

Unique coins are struck by different mints across the world. They are very eye catching and usually have very limited mintage.


The coin image is usually filled with color like the Minion coin in the middle of the picture. Colored coins usually comes with a shiny surface which we call “Proof”. From the left of the minion coin, you will see a matte looking Anubis coin. These coins has a deep tone with a grained effect to the surface that make it looked aged. Notice the coin details are also raised. The 3D design of the coin is what we call “High Relief” and the aged design is known as “Antique”. This is an example of what antique high relief coin looks like.

The last picture shows the reverse of 2 batman coins. This is actually just one coin that could show 2 designs. The coin has a proof appearance on first sight. However, if you bring it close to a light source for a few minutes, it will begin to glow in the dark. This is made possible with UV technology.


Coins could be customised by attaching different parts on it. The wings of the angel silver coin is made of carefully cut crystal and inserted on the coin.

The Treasures of Australia Diamonds Locket Coin took coin innovation to a new level. Aside from having diamond inserts, a transparent half-circle locket is built within the coin to contain the diamonds.


Highlighting design elements with selective gilding / plating can yield stunning results. The Echoes of Australian Fauna series is a great testament to this. The picture shows the lesser bilby gilded with 24 karat gold. Both the obverse and reverse of the coin is plated with black nickel. The selectively gold plate, alternating with black nickel, provides a beautiful contrast showcasing the elusive animal within the coin.

As technology continue to advance, the world of coins is set to expand. Numis Bullion will continue to accompany collectors in their journey as we look forward to explore and provide the latest coins available.


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