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Art of Collecting

Featuring collection from the Perth Mint, New Zealand Mint, Royal Australian Mint, Mint of Poland and Royal Canadian Mint, we hand picked what we believed are the best coins produced in 2019. Coins are picked based on customer’s review, visual appearance, theme, value and innovation.

1. Zhao Yun Ancient Chinese Warrior 2 Oz Silver Coin

Tapping on the popular romance of the three kingdom chinese novel, this coin features the military general Zhao Yun. The theme alone is highly popular in Asia and is a big hit when it was release. The engraving and design of this coin is just perfect. With a mintage of just 500 pieces worldwide, the price skyrocketed due to overwhelming demand.

2. Apollo 11 Moon Landing Two Coin Proof Set

The coin that make history. Not just because of the historic event of the first man that walked on the moon. It is also the first collaboration between the Royal Australian Mint and the United States Mint to produce this 2 coin set.

3. Figure Eight Koi Fishย  2oz Silver Coin

We have to praise Perth Mint for their innovative design. The Number 8 has always been a lucky number in Asia and this coin is created with prosperity in mind, using Koi Fish, a symbol of Feng Shui as the background. It is worth to note that this is a sequel to last year figure eight dragon. Another big winner from the Perth Mint.

4. Star Wars โ€“ Darth Vader Helmet Ultra High Relief 2oz Silver Coin

Darth Vader, the all time classic villian from Star Wars, return with a twist. Instead of the usual coin shape, it features an ultra high relief replica mask of Darth Vader. The details are certainly impressive. Touted as the best star wars coin released by New Zealand Mint.

5. Transformers Optimus Prime Silver Coin

This transformer coin is more than meet the eyes. It features the photo luminescent technology alongside the 3d design of optimus prime that brings this coin to life. This coin also adopts the glow in the dark technology that gives an alternate look to this coin.

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