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The fourth of July is known as Independence Day, the national day of United States. The land of the free celebrates their freedom and peace. Today, we explore the 2 heroes behind the mask that have protected New York City following Thanos Invasion in Avenger’s Endgame.


Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever. A world without Tony Stark aka Ironman is unimaginable. The Hero that has protected us from the battle of New York, shielding us from Loki and the latter events in Avenger’s Endgame saving the entire Earth from being snapped into oblivion. To commemorate the sacrifice of our heroes, S & A Partners has produced an Ironman Mask Silver Coin and more recently Spiderman Mask Silver Coin as the legacy continues.

Iron Man Mask Marvel 2 Oz Silver Coin

One of the craziest thing in the world is a billionaire in a flying metal suit. At the forefront of the suit is a mask which the world recognise as Iron Man. This innovative 2 oz Silver Coin fully replicates the mask of Iron Man that even stark technology would be proud of. The coin has a wonderful convex shape and beautiful design with an antique finish. Each coin is housed in a gorgeous black-lacquer display case made specifically for the Marvel Icon Series. Includes a 2 gram Silver certificate of authenticity that lists the mintage and specifications. The black case is packed in a marvel comic theme box as we remember the heroics of our hero.

Spider Man Mask 2 Oz Silver Coin

The continuation in the iconic mask series is Spider Man Mask 2 Oz Silver Coin. Peter Parker aka Spider Man is the protege of Iron Man. The death of Iron Man in Avenger’s Endgame is the ultimate lesson for Spider Man that great power comes great responsibility. The design team is tasked with great responsibility to replicate the mask of Spider Man and continue the success of the Iron Man.

Boy, this coin sure does not disappoint. Look at the intricate details of the coin. The spider web clearly outline evenly around the mask. The eyes of the spider staring intensely at his prey entrapping them. The packaging of the coin is similar to Iron Man. It is worth noting that the white box that house the coin now shows the icons of existing marvel heroes which now protects the new marvel universe. The certificate of authencity is made of 2 gram of silver that shows the specification of the coin and a stylished portrait of Spider Man. Notice that this Spider Man is suit up with a highly advanced suit made by Iron Man that further enhances the capabilities of spider sense.

The new version of Spider Man is known as “Stark Enhanced Spider Man”.

Freedom and peace is never achieved without sacrifices. The world still welp with the loss of Iron Man. Regardless if you are a marvel fan or are looking for a unique coin to invest in, both of these coins are perfect choices. These coins are not far from being sold out. Grab your favorite hero now with Numis Bullion.



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