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Truly for the connoisseur, the Three Musketeers 2018 250FR 1oz Silver Antique 4-coin Set is a spellbinding presentation. These four rectangular, 99.9% silver coins are flawless individually - but breathtaking as a quartet.

The four main characters are each captured with a rich and sharply-hewn reverse design. The level of detail is no accident - line up all four and discover a seamless background image, created using a special Edgeless Minting technique! Each 30mm x 40mm coin comprises one ounce of precious metal, a superb Antique finish bringing an air of timeless charm.

Just 1,844 sets have been created, echoing the date that the novel was published. The set arrives housed in an impressive timber chest, adorned with fleurs-de-lis.

Price is rising as we speak. Get yours now.

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