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Mongolian lunar year issues are rare and sought after. We are glad to lay our hands on these golden pigs made with Smartminting© technology.


The Pig is the last animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac signs. People born under the year of the pig can keep their cool on most occasions. They display valor and vigor while doing any task.

Feng Shui masters predict that in 2019, luck, fortune and pleasures are within the reach of the pig as long as he is able to demonstrate exemplary control.


Measuring 33 mm in diameter, the coin is beautifully molded in the form of a pig. Beautiful floral ornaments are engraved on the coin as a symbol of chinese ceramic decoration for the Lunar New Year.

The coin is also gilded with gold for wealth and prosperity for both the beholder and receiver. Touch this coin now for some good luck 🙂


The center of the coin reproduces the Coat of Arms of Mongolia with the face value 1000 TOGROG and is a legal tender backed by the Mongolia Government. The coin retains the same floral ornaments design as the reverse making both sides a joy to look at.

The year 2019 is also inscribed on the bottom left to celebrate the lunar year of the pig.


Minted from one ounce of fine silver, the Jolly Pig is a three-dimensional numismatic sculpture that could stand freely on its own thanks to CIT smartminting technology. In summary, the technology allows the coin to be minted in unsurpassed relief heights combined with extraordinarily intricate details.

The Jolly Pig is a prime example of smartminting at its best as it brings the art depicted on a coin to life.


The coin is packed in an Ang Bao colored red box with the words”YEAR of the PIG 2019″ to mark the occasion. A certificate of authencity showing the weight, finess and design is also provided as part of the packaging.


Limited mintage of only 888 pieces  worldwide to correspond with the Chinese love for the number “8”. Are you one of the lucky ones to lay your hands on these golden pigs. As we are writing this, stocks are selling out. Order now!


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  1. How much is the coin? Thank you!

    1. Hi Colene, the coin is selling for $188. We only have one piece left. Could you please call / WhatsApp us at 92382709 to confirm your order.

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