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With Mother’s Day fast approaching and gift buying now in full swing, it’s time to think flowers. The Good Luck Charms Silver Coin presents a beautiful and intricate design with lovely  flowers on a proof surface and good luck symbols placed in capsules.


The association of flowers with Mother’s Day is huge. However, few knows the meaning behind flowers on Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day first started in Year 1905, in remembrance of “Mrs Anna Reeves Jarvis” an admirable mother who has fought for sanitary conditions and lowering the infant mortality rate.

Flowers are a sign of life and fertility, just like the gifts our own mothers gave us. They are also beautiful and brim with youthfulness. Flowers represent gratitude for our mum and being the seed of their off spring, we will make their life beautiful and carry on their legacy.


Measuring 59.93 mm in diameter and weighing 77.75 gram, the coin features bouquet of pink flowers over a 24 carat Gold plated surface to celebrate the golden moment.

Alongside the coin are 4 of the most popular symbols of good luck – the Ladybird, Four Leaf Clover, Horseshoe and Elephant also crafted in 24 carat Gold plating. This coin acts as a good luck charm and is believed to bring good luck to the receiver.

The obverse of the coin depicts the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and “2019” the issuing year. The back of the 4 good luck charms are also seen clearly at the coin’s obverse.

The coin is housed in a standing and foldable case with a transparent cover to showcase the beauty of the coin. It comes with a certificate of authencity and is limited to just 500 pieces worldwide!


Canada Cherry Blossoms Gift Of Beauty 1/4 Oz Silver Coin

This coin is another gem and ideal gift for Mother’s Day. The cherry blossom or commonly known in Japan as Sakura is famous for their beauty.

This beautiful Silver coin is dedicated to a lasting gift that renews our appreciation for the precious things in life such as being born and our Mother’s love.

The coin is set in a blister in the inside panel of the card and comes with an envelope for us to craft a personalise message to our beloved mum.


Bring home these coins for your mum this Mother’s Day. These coins are issued in the year 2019 and will be remembered for the years to come as you look back on your collection. Sometimes a simple smile on the face of our loved ones meant the world to us.

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