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The four dragons is the second in the Mythical Dragons series released by the New Zealand Mint. Today, we will have a deeper look into the chinese folklore of the four dragons.


The tales of the four dragon tells the story of how these dragons turn themselves into the four great rivers, the Heilongjian (Black Dragon), the Huanghe (Yellow Dragon), the Changjiang (Long Dragon), and the Zhujiang (Pearl Dragon). Back in ancient China, there were no river, only the Eastern Sea, the home of the four dragons.

The pearl dragon saw a disturbing sight where people are praying for rain in a drought land. Seeking help from the Jade Emperor, the emperor deceived the dragons that he will help but ended up capturing and exiling them in four mountains. Eager to help the people, the four dragons transform themselves into the four great rivers.


Measuring 50mm in diameter, the coin is delivered in a book-style packaging. The reverse of the coin shows the four dragon bringing rain and prosperity to the barren lands of China. The black, yellow, white (long dragon) and red (pearl dragon) is colorfully engraved on the coin. There is a lining in the center of the coin which shows the barren land and the beautiful land covered in rain after the pearl dragon took charge in providing water for the people.

The obverse features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and is legal tender in Niue. The coin has an antique finish to keep in theme with history.


The packaging of the coin is superb. It has a vintage leather bound look. On its cover, a stamp which contains the word “THE FOUR DRAGON” is stamped on it. This reminds me of the stamps used by chinese emperor in the past to pass a decree. The back of the cover also retain the black classical kind of look with a shade of copper brown to resembles books found in the museum.

As we open the book, the folklore of the four dragon covers the first page and the coin in the next. The technical specification of the coin together with the certificate of authencity is displayed alongside the coin.

Having a mintage of just 2,000 coins, the coin will is highly popular in Asia given their love for dragons. We have already sold a ton to collectors of this series. Stocks are limited. Don’t let this fly away.


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