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Dragon, this legendary creature appears in the folklore of many cultures. Today, we review the Red Dragon of the Britons 2 Oz Silver Coin, the first in the Mythical Dragons series released by the New Zealand Mint.


The red dragon was discovered in the lake near Snowdon, Dinas Ffaraon by King Vortigern and his men. Upon discovery, there was another dragon, the white dragon. It was prophesise by the great magician Myrddin Emrys – or Merlin that the red dragon representative of Britons would emerge victorious over the Saxons, symbolised by the white dragon. If King Vortigern is accepted to have lived in the 5th century, then the Briton whom the Saxons failed to subdue became the Welsh. The Red Dragon, proudly sitting on the Welsh flag, has its first literary association with Wales in the Historia Brittonum, around AD 829.


Measuring 50mm in diameter, the obverse artistically illustrates the magnificently coloured Red Dragon in battle against the White Dragon. They are pictured amongst engraved images of King Vortigern, his advisers and a young Merlin. The coin is minted in antiqued finish, evoking an ancient feel. The scales of the dragons could be seen in detail, with the red dragon rising above the white to symbolise the victory of the Britons over the Saxons. A line is also drawn in the middle of the coin to seperate the battles that were fought in the land and the Air in Briton’s history.


The obverse features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and is legal tender in Niue.  The obverse is a pretty standard one surrounded by coin spec inscriptions.


The coin is housed in a little red book that has a medieval leather-bound look. The cover of the book features the red dragon seal that is stamped upon it. The design of the book is very ancient like, replicating a book that is passed down through history.

Upon opening the book, we will see the coin and its specifications on the right and the synopsis of the red dragon on the left. The certificate of authencity and the coin serial number is marked on the hologram at the right side of the book.

Touching and holding this book feels like those treasured book well kept in the museum.


Limited mintage of 2000 pieces worldwide. The Red Dragon 2 oz Silver Coin would make an excellent keepsake for history buffs, mythology enthusiasts or dragon lovers.

Please note that limited stocks are available so grab yours now before it runs out.


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