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Art of Collecting

Bullion is gold, silver, or other precious metals in the form of bars, ingots, or specialized coins. Today we explore the different forms of collectible bullion.


Precious Metals are valuable rare metals that are scare in the world we live in. The best known precious metals for coinage are gold, silver and platinum. It is common for collectible bullion to have a gold and silver variant of the same design.

Silver is the most commonly used metal for collectible bullion due to its history as the people’s money and it being the cheaper metal.


The most common form of collectible bullion is in the form of a coin. The coin will have the face value in currency of the issuing country, country’s coat of arms, year of issue and is usually accompanied by a certificate of authencity.


Collectible bullion could also take the form of a bar. Although less common, the bar would also have all the features as indicated on the collectible coin. The dimension of the bar is usually larger than the coin but thinner. It would still make an equally impressive gift especially for events like chinese new year.


When we look at the currency we used to transact in our daily life, it is no surprise that collectible bullion could take the form of a foil similar to the shape of a note. Foils add a new dimension to coin collecting and could attract another group of collectors of currency note. Modern collectible foil usually feature modern themes and popular disney characters and getting increasingly popular among collectors.

Ingot and unique shapes are other forms which collectible bullion could take. Collectible bullion is usually crafted this way to match the theme of the coin. With the advancement in technology, we can expect to see more creative forms and ideas added to the wold of coin collecting.

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