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Art of Collecting

Singapore celebrates Children’s Day on 4th October this year. Looking for a gift for your child or wondering how to celebrate the occasion? In this article we explore how coin collecting could benefit your child and become a cherished gift in the future.

Sharing the hobby

The bond between a parent and child strengthens when there is a shared interest. Parents that have already started collecting could share their knowledge and show their child their collection. This can create a new special moment for families and spark great conversation improving the well being of your child.

Promoting values through coin

People choose to collect coins in many ways. Children are often attracted to well know movie characters such as spiderman. Coins featuring such characters can promote an emotional attachment and make it easier to educate your child. The world is so exposed to social media and content your kid watches could sometimes be a better educator. Super heroes movies teaches kid the distinction between good and evil, the right and wrong things. Having a momento such as a coin will remind them.

Introduce Responsibility

Coin collecting can introduce a sense of responsibility to children. Unlike other toys that are often left unkept on the floor after playing, collectible coins comes with easy packaging that promotes care and keeping after viewing. With parental guidance, it can teach your child how to care for things and help them develop good habits in life.

“Remember great power comes great responsibilites” – Spiderman

Having Fun

Children’s Day is a special occasion for children. Often remembered by their school celebration and as a holiday to play games at home, this is a special day to have fun with your children. Collectible coins have date to help commemorate this special day. Bringing home a collectible coin this children’s day might be the best surprise gift your children receive in his childhood.

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