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Art of Collecting

Sprite, Fanta and Coke, the go to drinks are now available in collectible silver coin form. Can this 4 coins set quench our thirst for collecting. Let’s find out!


The Coca-Cola Company is an American multinational corporation best known for its flagship product Coca-Cola. Over the years, they have developed consumer’s favorite soft drinks such as Sprite, Fanta fruit flavoured soft drinks and much more.

Following the success of the  Coca-Cola bottle cap coins that has sold nearly 60,000 coins worldwide and counting, Crown Mint decided to take a notch further by adding the Fanta Orange, Sprite and Diet Coke to create a 4 coin set packaged in a vending machine.


Measuring 32 mm in diameter, each coin is minted with 6g of pure silver. Each coin features an incredible bottle cap shaped design and is an exact tribute to the brightly colored caps that sit atop the most famous soft drinks in the world!

The iconic red and white coca cola coin now has a different flavor in “Diet Coke” that is said to be preferred among those on diet. The Sprite coin illustrated with a lemon and Fanta coin with an Orange each represent the Brand unique taste in this collection.

And these coins really are legal tender, just flip over the cap and you’ll discover each coin’s weight, purity, date of issue and face value.


I used to collect coke bottle caps as part of my childhood memories but dispose them over time as I could not contain them.

So I am delighted that these coins have a custom fit coin case to them and also a classic coke vending machine that looks like a mini refrigerator to preserve the collection. I will be sure to keep them fresh and chill for the occasion.

Clearly, a lot of attention has been paid to making this set as attractive as possible to the legions of Coca Cola memorabilia fans. This is a unique collection and will add on value to collectors.

Who’s feeling thirsty now!


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