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Art of Collecting

Caring for your coins is essential to preserve your collection and retain their value. In this article, we look at various ways to care for your coins.


There are a lot of coin supplies in the market to keep your coins. Ranging from coin capsules to coin slabs to coin box, they help to prevent physical damage to your coin.

Coin capsule is one of the most common way to keep a coin. By placing your coin between 2 scratch resistant acrylic, it helps prevent damage and you could still have a clear view of your coin. Coin capsule made by the Lighthouse comes in different sizes, is chemically inert, acid and softener free and is highly popular.

Coin slab is a more advanced way of storing your coin. Aside from the usual protection by the regular casing, it comes with a labeling field to display information about the coin. It is worth noting that coins that are send for grading by the PCGS or NGC uses coin slab that are air tight and permanently sealed.


Skin oils and dirt from our bare hands could damage the appearance of the coin. To retain the collector’s value of the coin, never handle the coin with our bare hand. Instead, use a cotton glove. Remember to avoid latex or plastic gloves, as their powder or lubricants can damage the coin.

To pick up your coin, hold the edges of the coin between your thumb and the forefinger like the picture above. Do not touch the obverse and reverse surface with your bare hands as you might leave fingerprint marks on the coin. Also, remember not to talk directly over the naked coin as our saliva could leave water spots on the coin.


As a general rule, do not clean your coin. Some might think that a soft cloth used to clean the lens of our spectacles could also be used to clean the coin. However, as the cloth rub against the coin, it might leave scratches on the surface of the coin that will damage it. It is worth noting that like any collectibles, coin ages as well and the darker surface of the coin acts as a proof that the coin has not been tempered with which will retain their resale value.

We are glad that modern collectible coins are prepacked in their own coin casing, have a coin box and a certificate of authencity alongside it. So, coin care is handled right from the start till it lands on our hand. We hope you find the above tips on caring for your coins useful and we will see you guys next time.

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