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The Artificial Intelligence Niobium Bimetallic Silver Coin is a future coin minted in its modern state.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. AI is present in many areas of our life now. If you are into gaming, your opponent is the AI which is made up of a series of code that reacts as per programmed.

Taking up a notch, AI now has a physical body in the form of a human robot. They are present in banks, hotels and even cafes and helps perform functions that are previously only possible with human.

The Artificial Intelligence Niobium Bimetallic Silver Coin is made with tech in mind as we look towards the exciting future.


Measuring 34 mm in diameter, this is a bimetallic coin that is made up of niobium and silver, both precious metals. The reverse of the coin shows the blue coloured Niobium core, surrounded by organisms that look exactly like atoms and molecules which we studied in chemistry. All around the coin are  symbols related to the development of artificial intelligence: the e-health system, smart machines, processors, digitalization, data analysis, and artificial neural networks. 

In the foreground, it shows a faceless body of a human made up of numbers and codes invoking a scary thought that the once creator will be replaced by a new identity.


The obverse of the coin shows the brain of a humanoid in its electric-blue niobium core that has conductor paths that stretch out to the inner ring of the coin.

The background shows a magnified view of the internal processing core of the AI and has the inscriptions: “REPUBLIK OSTERREICH” – the issuing country, “2019” – the year of issue and the face value.


Produced by the Austrian Mint, there is a mintage of just 65,000 pieces to cater to world wide demand. The bimetallic silver coin is a clear winner as it marks its 17th entry with this AI coin. Grab this coin now before it is sold out in the future.


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