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Numis Bullion’s name has roots in two rather uncommon words. Numis is derived from the word “numismatics”, which refers to the academic study or collection of currency. Bullion is defined as gold, silver, or other precious metals (platinum, palladium, etc). Numis Bullion describes us as avid lovers of collectible bullion perfectly. We wish to create a community for like-minded enthusiasts by spreading our passion through our delicate range of collectible bullion and knowledge.

our pledge

We Work to Serve "YOU"

At Numis Bullion, we believe in the idea of “best fit”. We believe that there is a piece of collectible bullion perfectly sculpted to suit any individual’s fancy. We love to help you meet the collectible of your dreams by providing you with a pleasant shopping experience and recommendation perfectly tailored to match your expectation. Be it out of love for the engraved character, a gift for your love ones or even a passing case of Magpie Syndrome, we work to serve you.

Being a collective of collectors, we hope to cultivate and collect a collection of collecting enthusiasts from the bullion nation. Will you fill up another page in our collection album?

Our Hand-Picked Collectible

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