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Art of Collecting

The American Numismatic Association (ANA) World’s Fair of Money returns to Chicago (Rosemont) this year from Aug 13-17. This is the biggest numismatic event of the year that features all things related to coin collecting and draws many collectors around the world. In this article, we break down the key notes spoken in the opening ceremonies.

Opening speech by ANA’s President Gary Adkins

In Gary’s speech, he urged us to check out the free “Money Talks” presentations that cover a variety of topics, from making currency accessible for the visually impaired to notable hobby legends. Gary is one of the speakers and the presentations will focus on the future of money & collecting.

He also encouraged visitors to do their part to support legislation, authorising the US Mint to produce a 2021 commemorative morgan and peace silver dollar. It will be the 100th anniversary of those coins and the new production of these coins could create a new generations of collectors.

United States Mint Director David J.Ryder

In David’s speech, he reinforce the idea of partnership not just with stakeholders but with international mints across the world. Sharing examples of collaborated sets such as the pride of Pride of Two Nations and the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Two Coin Proof Set

He also mentioned that the United States Mint is very interested in exploring colorisation of their coins and they are probably going to kick off with the Naismith Hall of Fame Basketball Silver Dollar where they are going to set aside maybe around 100,000 coins which they feel coin collectors will enjoy.

Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) Director Len Olijar

In Len’s speech, BEP and the US Mint are focused on the threat of counterfeiting. Coins and currencies must be trusted to be accepted and collected.

The partnership has led to milestones and creation of specialty products such as uncut currency sheets and 2019 $2 Rocketship targeting the younger audience.

He also announced that the next ANA World’s Fair of Money will be at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Award Giving

In recognition of their contribution to the hobby numismatics and assisting ANA for hosting the event, the ANA honors Richard Lipman, President of Chicago Coin Club, Gerhard Starsich, CEO of Austrian Mint, Gregory Edmund, Auctioneer and Senior Numismatist at Spink and Son Ltd and Dave Harper, Honorary Host Chair.

That’s all for the opening ceremony. Stay tune for more news on the ANA World’s Fair of Money 2019.

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