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How Coins Are Made

Have you ever wondered how are coins made ? The process of creating coins is known as minting, coining or coinage. 

Types of Minting Technologies

Coins come in different shape and sizes. You will also realise that aside from the coin image, some coins appears shiny while others look matte and takes on different appearances. Today, we will explore different type of minting technologies that shaped coins.

The Value of Coins

How much is this coin. What is face value. Why are there different values. These are different questions that are commonly asked during our interaction with customers. Today, we will explore the values that are associated with coins.

50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Fifty years ago, astronauts walked on the moon for the first time. APPOLO 11 has forever marked the history of space conquest. Today, we look at the coins that celebrate this occasion which includes the first ever US Mint X Royal Australian Mint commemorative two coin set.

The heroes behind the mask of New York City

The fourth of July is known as Independence Day, the national day of United States. The land of the free celebrates their freedom and peace. Today, we explore the 2 heroes behind the mask that have protected New York City following Thanos Invasion in Avenger's Endgame.

Artificial Intelligence Niobium Bimetallic Silver Coin

The Artificial Intelligence Niobium Bimetallic Silver Coin is a future coin minted in its modern state.

Lesser Bilby Echoes Fauna 1 Oz Silver Coin

The second release in the Echoes of Australian Fauna series is the Lesser Bilby, the second of the three nickel and selectively gold plated silver coin featuring Australia’s extinct animals.

Four Dragons 2 Oz Silver Coin

The four dragons is the second in the Mythical Dragons series released by the New Zealand Mint. Today, we will have a deeper look into the chinese folklore of the four dragons.

Anubis Gods of Anger 2 Oz Silver Coin

The first release in the new “Gods of Anger” series features the dog headed god of afterlife, Anubis. Struck by the Mint of Poland, today we review this magnificent coin.

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