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The Value of Coins

How much is this coin. What is face value. Why are there different values. These are different questions that are commonly asked during our interaction with customers. Today, we will explore the values that are associated with coins.

Caring for your Coins

Caring for your coins is essential to preserve your collection and retain their value. In this article, we look at various ways to care for your coins.

2019 World's Fair of Money Opening Ceremonies

The American Numismatic Association (ANA) World’s Fair of Money returns to Chicago (Rosemont) this year from Aug 13-17. This is the biggest numismatic event of the year that features all things related to coin collecting and draws many collectors around the world. In this article, we break down the key notes spoken in the opening ceremonies.


Bringing you the latest coin collecting news for August 2019.

HARLEY QUINN 135g Silver Miniature

The Harley Quinn Silver Miniature is the latest addition to the popular silver miniature series released by the New Zealand Mint. Today, we explore what the clown princess of crime herself has to offer.

THE JOKER 150g Silver Miniature

Today, we preview the Clown Prince of Crime himself "THE JOKER". Remember the previously reviewed Harley Quinn Silver Miniature, this article will continue the series as we explore the mystery behind Harley Quinn lover, "THE JOKER".

Anubis Gods of Anger 2 Oz Silver Coin

The first release in the new “Gods of Anger” series features the dog headed god of afterlife, Anubis. Struck by the Mint of Poland, today we review this magnificent coin.

Stark Game of Thrones 1 Oz Silver Coin

The Stark Game of Thrones 1 Oz Silver Coin is the first release in the popular TV series that became a worldwide phenomenon. Today, we revisit castle black and have a deeper look at what this coin has to offer.

Spider Man Mask 2 Oz Silver Coin

Continuing the legacy of the iconic Iron Man mask silver coin is the Spider Man Mask 2 Oz Silver Coin. The design team is tasked with great responsibility to replicate the mask of Spider Man. Today, we review this highly anticipated mask coin.

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